Thursday, August 23, 2007

Faces of Summer

Some people write all their thoughts on paper. I shoot mine. Not with a gun but with my camera. All my moments are captured in film and kept forever. These are some of my summer memories. All these faces are etched in my mind and my heart.
Look closely at these faces, you will see their hearts .............................

I'm often asked, "how have you been so strong?" Look at these faces - they are my strength. My God is my main source of strength, but I know that he has given me all these people to show me his love and promises. I have relied on them and they have shown me unconditional love & support. There are many more who have been there for me and my family, I just didn't have their pictures :} Without Christ and without my family and friends I would not be strong.
I am weak but he is strong............

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Super fun in the sun!!!

I love summer. Lazy days in the sun. The beach. The pool. Dinner outside. Melting Ice cream. Fun with friends. Vacations with family. Stay up late. Sleep in. No homework. Pretty sunsets. No rushing around from place to place. I love summer and I can't believe it's almost over. So sad.

Heath and I at Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill concert (cell phone pic). We bought our tickets on the day they went on sale from ticketmaster - we had no idea how good these seats were! We were probably 8 rows from the bottom - it was such a great concert and we had a blast!!!! We got a little crazy - love ya sis!!

Super fun in the sun..................