Thursday, July 12, 2007

River Rats

So we came back a little wind blown and red, but relaxed! It is so great to get away with family and friends. Every year we go to Laughlin with about 40 of our family and friends (whoever can come). It was a blazing 125 degrees on the day we arrived - by the day we left it had cooled down to about 115! We lay on the beach and sit in the water, but I think my most favorite thing in the world to do is ride the Sea Dos.

There is just something so freeing about riding full speed with the wind blowing in your face and water gently splashing your body. And of course sometimes you have to jump the wakes and do 360's - it's just so fun. Also this year my friends Laura and Dave brought their boat so we had fun on that also.

My goofy girls (and an even goofier Gary Keller)

Then at night we clean up and go to dinner. And we just happen to have some older kids to babysit (works well) so we can go play some.

The kids table :}

My Aunt Lois knew of a really cool thing to do after dinner. We went down by the river and threw out some crackers and there was instantly 10 raccoons there visiting us. She said last time she did it there was about 40 but I was just fine with 10!> See a couple behind Mandy and Cami??

It was a really fun trip and while I missed John a lot (this was our first family vacation with out him) we were able to enjoy our family and friends and the beauty that God has given us to play with :}

Ok - on a funny note - Mandy, Cami and Jordi were bored in the hotel room while they were waiting for us Mom's to get ready, so they picked up the camera and had a full on photo session. Notice the dying series - so dramatic, haha.
(photos by Jordi - age 5)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Happy 4Th of July!!!
We had such a nice day! We had a block party, which is usually held out in the middle of the street but because of HOT weather we did it in one of my neighbors back yards.

There is just something about fun, friends, food and fireworks!!

Yummy cheesecake :}

Mandy & Benny are mesmerized.............

My little sparkler

Happy 4Th of July!
May you enjoy and appreciate the freedom we share.