Sunday, June 24, 2007

Happy 39th Birthday!!!!!

OK, this is what 39 year olds who are in denial of their age look like!

I had the greatest "daycation" ever! There are 8 of us who have been together since we were 12 (as a collective group - some of us have known each other since grade school) and I don't think we could love each other more! I think it is so funny how as soon as we walk in the door and are gathered all together we completely forget our age and become 16 again!

Ok back to my "daycation" - my friend Susan is amazing! To start off with she lives down on Balboa Island - how can any party go wrong in this cute little town of beach cottages!
She wanted to give us a "39" birthday party to say adios to the 30's and start the 40's off with a bang! To start the night off she had hired Chef Jill to come and cook for us - ALL night! She just kept bringing the darn food out so I kept eating it! I think there were 10 courses - ugggg. Then, we had 2 masseuses there who gave us each an hour massage - wonderful. Next, we had 45 minute oxygen facials - I have the cleanest, shiniest, softest face ever!


We did our traditional gift exchange (my friends give great gifts, by the way!) The rest of the night we chatted and sang and danced and did head stands and yoga (ummm I took pictures) until 3:00 in the morning!

We were gently wakened by the neighbor talking to her long lost best friend at 7:45 in the morning! (The houses are kinda close down there), but it was ok because we just got up and guzzled down the coffee then went on an amazing walk around the whole island. Actually I more like jogged - you see most of these girls legs are 6 inches longer then mine and therefore, for every one of their steps - I had to take two!! But after all I ate the night before I needed it! We then got into Susan's state of the art golf cart and drove around in between all the houses until we came to this little restaurant that was nestled in between the houses - it was great!

Needless to say this was one of our most fun (and most crazy) gatherings! I know we are going to be 80 and still doing headstands - or at least Kelly will be! Way to go Sus and THANK YOU!!!! Can't wait to see what we get for our 40th!! haha

Also, Susan gave us necklaces with a word she thought described each one of us.

Mine said "Grace".

I don't think she knows how perfect that is for me since I feel like I am daily surrounded with God's grace and love!


He is always giving me gifts - like friends like these and days like this!


lindsey said...

can i be 40 too?

Cathi Hamen said...

Me Too. i want to be there!!
I am glad you are doing it first so when I turn 39 I know what to expect!... Just wait until August... We will have some fun.. not in a cute beachhouse in Newport well maybe.. but maybe the happiest place on earth or the spa i guess you will have to wait and see!
Happy early birthday my sweet friend!
Friends are the best, aren't they?! Especially you! You always give & that is why we loving giving to you. I think you wrote the book on friendship!

Joyful Weddings & Events said...

So fun! I want to see you do a headstand...

Anonymous said...

I knew exactly what I was doing when I choose GRACE for you! Pleeze.... give a girl some credit! Love you tons and would do the world for you, always. Love your blog too.

Heather said...

Super fun-you crazy girls! I'm so glad you enjoyed your time with your girlfriends, no matter how goofy you guys got! :)