Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter

I love Easter. Just a happy day all around. Christ is risen!! Yeah!! The kids have risen (out of their beds - and with teenagers this is not easy!) Our blood sugar rises! And on this Easter Sunday the SUN
has risen!
What a pretty day.
Here's a peak into what a ROJAS Easter looks like:
Waiting to see if the big bunny came :}
Yes!! He/she came!! It was a "Rainbow" Easter!!

Then off to church my chicas..............

Did you know that Easter Eggs grow on Trees???
Well at my Aunt Lois' and Uncle Ray's they do!

And the kids wasted no time finding them

Even the big kids - and they weren't after the candy ($)

they also found eggs with tasks in them
(they had to do the tasks to get the $ - like hug a sibling and tell them why you love them)
How cute is this baby!!
I love me some Isaiah

And the last stop was to Grandpa and Grandma Rojas' for some more swimming and more hunting................. and more food of course

It was such a nice day.

Family, friends, good food, sun, swim, loads of candy, no traffic.

God is Good

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Kristen said...

Happy Easter! It looks like you had a fun family filled day. I am jealous of the sunshine and warmth! It was chilly and cloudy here but better than back in MN where they had 6 inches of snow!