Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas.....

Oh wait - I'm not dreaming! When I walked out my front door this morning this is what greeted me! Snow on our little Saddleback Mountain (more like a big hill). It was so pretty!

(click on the above picture for a better view)
We decided to jump in the car this afternoon and go find the snow! We were on a snow hunt!

This was really as close as we could get without going off roading! And as soon as we found a good place to stop and take pictures - the clouds had covered our snow!

Oh well - it was still a fun little adventure - and still pretty - and exciting for this little OC community :)


Rachel Shoemaker said...

Gorgeous! Love the pictures!

CLR said...

You are such an awesome photographer!!! Love the picture with the kids in the air!!!

See you tomorrow for our Christmas picture!!!!

Jen S said...

Great pictures! I was so amazed when I noticed the snow through my rearview mirror, of all things, as I was driving up Alicia to Costco. So beautiful!

Cathi Hamen said...

YEAH!! check out Deb Ns blog.. they found what we were looking for!!!! darn Murrieta people :)

Morgan said...

I would love to do that i wish we lived closer.

Anonymous said...

We got 2 feet of snow this weekend in my front yard! Any time you want snow come to New Hampshire to visit!

Miss you...Have a Merry Christmas!

Your Cousin,

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