Friday, July 17, 2009

Widow Weekend...

wid·ow /wid-oh/ –noun 1. a woman who has lost her husband by death and has not remarried. See also: Old, wears black, sad, pathetic, dried up.

Not: Young, with children still at home ~ except when you're me

So I'm going with my good friend Stacy to the first annual "Widow's Conference" in San Diego. My Dad asked if I was going to take a knitting seminar! What???

There are women from all over the country coming together to find a bond - a similarity. Some of the seminars actually look very interesting - Finding a new Purpose - Little Tears (how to help your child grieve) - Widow Humor - financial help - Widow's Still Wear Stilettos - and so on.... and looking forward to meeting Matt Logelin (he will be speaking). We are also letting the other member of our little widow's club (Chris Mcrea) meet us for dinner Friday night - he's a boy so he can't come to the convention!

Do I need this? Maybe ~ Maybe not..... But I do for sure need a weekend away with Stacy! She lost her husband right after I lost John. We have shared an instant bond since the first "date" we had! There is something so unique about being able to understand where someone has been - and that's why I think I also need to go this weekend!

When I first became a widow I had so many people tell me about women they knew who had lost husbands - the problem was that they were all over 60! Not a bad thing - but definitely different places in our lives - not a whole lot in common! I think this will be a great resource for young widows. And I might learn a thing or two - I'll let you know.

If it's lame - Stac and I are ditching and going shopping - that's how we roll :)


Cathi Hamen said...

so glad you both are going and no matter what the seminars offer my prayer for you will be that you find refreshment and renewal as a mom, a sister, auntie, a friend, a girlfriend and a woman! You are amazing and i am blessed to call you a friend and a sister in Christ!

Crysti Landis said...

I hope that the seminar was wonderful and gave you a chance to connect with other sisters in Christ who have gone through similar traumas. I think of you often as I look at my own husband. I'm amazed at what an amazing woman you are. What a role model for us in the Young Married group. I bet you don't even know that people notice, but we do notice your strength, compassion, love, and resilience. Praying for you and your lovely family.
Your blogging buddy :-)