Sunday, April 29, 2007


So last night I was alone. Alone in my house with only the animals crawling all over me. The kids were all spending the night at friends houses and I was alone. Such a strange thing, everyone was so worried about me being alone. Why? It can be scary to be alone with only your thoughts I suppose. And yet I found it so comforting. It was a time to think about my week, miss John, think about friends new and old, worry about my parents, plan the week ahead, and most importantly - talk with my God. No kids clinging or needing, no TV, no phones ringing (it was 11:00), no place to hurry off to, just me with my heart wide open. I was filled with a sense of peace. Being alone every once in awhile is a good thing - got to catch up with myself (and it may be awhile before it happens again). Hope you all enjoy your alone time!


lisa said...

so glad you've started a blog. i enjoy being alone, too. it is different thatn being lonely. i'm also glad you have friends and family who are thiking about you and caring for you. thanks for sharing a little bit of your heart with us.

lisa said...

that was from lisa leonard (chrissie rouses sis) xxxx

lindsey said...

shan - so good you're posting! i'm glad to hear your view on alone vs. lonely. we (all of us who care for you) need to remember you're a grown woman that may just need some time alone, away from the constant chaos that is life. love and miss you, sister!

Dyanne said...

You are an amazing, Christian woman who is an inspiration to say the least. I am so thankful that we've stayed in touch over the years. You are loved & I'm so happy to have you as my Sister In Christ.