Monday, October 15, 2007


Saturday night was the girls first official dance (with dates). They looked so pretty and grown up. My babies.........

How fun does this look? I went to this school and we never got anything like this!!! (and yes I was a bad mom - Trina and I stood at the top of the hill and took pictures - stalkers?)

Ashley went with her boyfriend Jordan. He is from church and is very sweet and sensitive with Ashley (just what she needs). Amber went as friends with Kelcey who is one of my closest friends (Trina's) son. So we were very good with that! They both had the time of their lives - Amber said, "I don't know how any other dance will ever be this fun!" (just wait until winter formal).

Here is the whole group. They have known most of these kids since 1st grade (all of the boys and a couple of the girls). So it was sooooo fun for them all to be together :} I know - some of the girls dresses are very interesting..................... Thank you to Aunt Lois for taking them shoe shopping and very prego Aunt Courtney for helping them get ready!

And 2nd Mom and Dad Hamen - it was so sweet of you to come see them off!!!
Karyn and Garret it meant alot to the girls for you to be there also. We definitely had the biggest group at the picture taking party!!! But that is ok because it helped make up for the one who wasn't there. He would have been very proud of them. I am.


Lisa Leonard said...

they look beautiful! i'm so glad they had a blast.

Rachel Shoemaker said...

Your girls are so special and so loved!

Joyful Weddings & Events said...

My beautiful girls. I think they look the best out of everyone!
Amber has a sweet pomp! :)
I echo your bitterness in the fact that we had no fun rides- it was just dancing in the hot & sweaty gym. they are so spoiled now!

In all honesty, I cannot tell you how much I love you two. I am so proud of the young women you have become. Thanks for letting me feel cool by hanging out with me & letting me help you get ready. Love you!

ps- thank you for not posting any pictures of super prego courtney in sweats with a hat on :)