Thursday, October 4, 2007

All the baby birdies in the nest..........

We actually had dinner at the dinner table, all together tonight! Andrew came down to visit for the night. And as a bonus one of the mom's from school dropped by a dinner earlier so I didn't have to cook! (It's amazing how good enchiladas taste when someone else makes them - I have been so blessed by friends). And it was so good to reconnect with my kids. We get so busy during the week and play so hard during the weekend - I need all my birdies in my nest. (my Mom also stopped by at dinner time - imagine that - but it was good to see her also - love ya Mom - I guess she wanted to check on her little chicks too). It does make me sad when Andrew leaves though. I guess that is what is supposed to happen - they grow wings and fly the coop. I'm gonna tie down my other little chicks wings!!!!!!!!


Cathi Hamen said...

yeah lets no let the others goo too quickly!!!
i cant wait for you all to have dinner here tonight!!!
love & miss u!

Joyful Weddings & Events said...

i like your chicks.