Wednesday, December 19, 2007

love the season your in..........

wheew, the last few weeks have been a whirl wind. So much to do and so little time to do it. We are trying really hard to keep the holiday spirit - the real holiday spirit! Here is just a glimpse into what life at the Rojas- Lakin abode has been like:
Theatre play "School House Rock". Mandy, Heather, DJ and Taylor were all in it.

Homework Party at our house (might as well make it fun!)

Church Play

Mandy played twins with one of her best friends whose name is also Amanda R.!

Then later that night we went to a spectacular party on the Mission Viejo Lake!

Then the next night it was Mom's turn to party with friends from High School.
I also had Bunco, another friend party, a work party, an ornament exchange, and a one day trip up to the cabin!
and moving on...
The next weekend we were off to My Aunt Lois' annual "Santa Party"

Some of the kids of our family and friends!!

Mandita :}
Cute Santa - but he scared Amber just a bit.


We are not sure how much longer Andrew gets to sit on Santa's lap but he is going to keep kissing up until then!

This is our new revised family photo.
The holidays have not been easy on the kids. They all miss John so much - we all do. This was his favorite time of year. I think he thought he was Santa in his previous life :} I've told the kids that it is ok and normal to be sad and miss him, but we also need to make new memories and traditions - as hard as that sounds. That is what he would want. And that we also need to remember what this holiday is all about - Christ birth. And for that we should celebrate!
We need a little less of this:
and this:

And alot more of this:
& this.......................

Merry Christmas!!!!


Kristen said...

WHEW! I am tired just reading about all that you have had going on this Christmas season. Looks like fun stuff - parties, plays, programs, more parties, Santa....

Your family is in our prayers this Christmas season.

Love the updated family photo :o)

Merry Christmas!

Sowing said...

Merry Christmas! I pray this special holiday season is filled with remembering happy memories and getting lots of hugs :-)

Jerome & Crysti said...

Sorry...that lost comment was from me...I was logged in under my work email...~Crysti

Joyful Weddings & Events said...

i love the post and i love you. Yay for christmas and family!