Thursday, January 31, 2008

Welcome to 4th Grade!

How cute is Grandpa???? He came in to show Mandy's class some real antique stuff from the old west. He came all dressed up in boots and a hat!

He has a real arrow that was used to kill his great Uncle. And the Indian (winter) Head piece from the Indian who killed him. He also brought in pictures of Montana where he was born and raised and the books that were written about our family. (My great grandfather was "Kid Amby" - ever heard of him? Didn't think so - well he is our family's claim to fame. He used to hang out with all the famous cowboys and was friends with Charles Russel and was the subject of many of his paintings.
Soooooooo mandy did "show and tell" with her Grandpa! They thought he was famous and wanted pictures with him and everything - so sweet! Thanks Dad for doing that - Mandy thought it was sooo special :}

Then there is this:

I don't know if you'd exactly call this music or sqeeky pipes - but I do believe in 4th grade they call these "recorders". And they are told to practice at home LOTS!!! So this is what our play dates sound like:

If I hear "Hot Cross Buns" one more time I think my buns are going to be VERY cross!!!!!!!! Why do they do this to us parents!!!!!!! I guess it's just part of the 4th grade fun!


Naomi said...

can i come and bring my recorder, i can change up the song a bit. I want to be in 4th grade agaion!

Kristen said...

I know who Kid Amby is :o) We have a Charlie Russell in our living room - I think we have Bronc to Breakfast. That is so cool that your dad did that - he looked like a cowboy!!

I remember doing recorders in 4th grade - oh how painful the squeaky sounds are - i feel for you!

Anonymous said...

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Joyful Weddings & Events said...

for the record: that cape and arrow are my inheritance.
why did we choose inheritance when I was 8?

Cathi Hamen said...

wow they should start a band! not!
oh and she brings that recorder everywhere she goes.. hemmm hemmm like my house! thnx 4th grade!