Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New friends

So, I had lunch with some new friends today. We are going to call ourselves our own "widow club" (which we HATE that W word - prize to anyone who can think of a better name for our new lunch bunch). I truly enjoyed meeting Chris and Stacie, it was fun and we had that common bond from the moment we met. It's so nice to sit, chat, eat, and have stuff in common with other people (nothing against 80 yr old widows - just different places in our lives). We are going to try and meet up for lunch on a regular basis just to share and encourage each other. I am looking forward to our next get together :) What a blessing! Thanks Chris for pulling this off and for lunch!

(you guys did know you would be my next blog didn't you???)


Cathi Hamen said...

soo cool! small world too... make sure you mention trac to stac.
hmmm a name, a name... the pressure ..... i gotta it cinder*#@*#@.... (name that movie!)
ok a real name:

I'm ok you're ok
Marchin on
Free to speak
Not depressing
Dealin with it
Super cool people
all right i am dork...
chrissie will have a great idea... come on!

Nyla said...

I stumped too! I agree with Cathi that Chrissie will have a great idea...and in about 3 seconds! She amazes me!

Monique said...

How about the "Widowette's"?

Monique said...

or "heavenly ladies" ???

Shan said...

That's cute monique except that it is one guy and two girls :)

Monique said...

Oooh! Missed that part. I keep thinkin'.

chrissie said...

Let's see...
Shannon, Chris, and Stacie...
a c e h i n o r s t
these are the letters in your three names, removing any repeat letters.

Here are three club names that use each of these letters only once, and no other letters:

-China Store
-No Rice Hats
-Taco Shiner

Personally, I would choose "Taco Shiner" because it really sucks when you get hit in the eye with a taco and it swells up and turns black.
Kind of like how it sucks when you lose someone you love.

Or maybe I should go back to the drawing board?

But to let you know, Shannon, I spent a good 20 minutes working on this, so that should be worth some kind of a prize, right? Like maybe a Cherry on Top?

Hope your next meeting with the "Taco Shiner Club" is a good one.

Love you!