Monday, May 12, 2008

No better way to spend my mothers day :)

I can't think of a better way to spend this day then with my kids and my mom! My day was awesome:
  • Ashley got up before the sun and went to the store to buy flowers for me and stuff for breakfast burritos!

  • She actually made breakfast all by herself!

  • We kinda didn't make it to church but I got some stuff done that I was stressing out about!

  • Went to the lake with my whole family and relaxed and ate and played!

  • Spent the day with my kids :}

  • Spent the day with my MOM and family.

  • Spend the day with my DAD - Happy Birthday DAD!!!!!

  • Then I worked the RUSH concert which was actually pretty good and I made some $.

It was a full day but a fun day!

David & the kids playing some hoops (notice David and Mandy concocting some sneaky plan)

Grandma & Grandpa playing baseball with the kids (I think Mandy got Grandma out - how rude)

playin with da baby........

Hangin with the homies.................

Mom's girlies

Daddy's Angels

............My Life............


Kristen said...

Sounds like a wonderful, relaxing day!

My mom and sisters were together for Mother's Day - made me so sad to live away and not get to be with them.

Cathi Hamen said...

so fun! what a beautiful day it turned out to be!!!

Joyful Weddings & Events said...

love you mamasita!

CLR said...

Wow that looks like lots of fun!! Happy Mother's day!!!

Love ya lots!!

Heather said...

yes, we did have fun! It turned out to be a perfect day and I'm so grateful to have you in my life. I love ya Big Sis! :)