Friday, September 5, 2008

Bass Lake

What a perfect way to end the summer! Lindsey's family has a house on the Lake. It was such a blessing to spend this awesome time with family and friends.

Oh baby.....................
Eating on the deck

the guys playing some stupid game

then we played the greatest game ever - catchphrase.

cuties and my new camera :)

The top of the boat was the popular place to be

Drew, Mandy and I Kayaking through the jungle - or cove

Mandy thought it was an adventure

Shakes at The Forks - so yummy

Time to play behind the boat:
Ashley & DJ

Ashley & David

Amber & Taytay

Mandy & Chloe

Ashley wake boarding

My brother - weeeeeehhhhhooooo
Hiking up to Bass Lake Falls and them swimming in them - so fun!

Wait - if they can do it - so can we! Go Moms!!!!
It was freezing COLD!!!

The parade..................
We really enjoyed our time with our family and the Damato's and the Theules :) Thanks again Sean and Linds for inviting us - XOXO

I just love it up there! We grew up camping there and it was so good to go back and enjoy this beautiful place! It was kind of the quiet before the storm.........................

Now - school and chaos must start...............

Goodbye Bass Lake ~ Goodbye Summer


Jen S said...

Wow! That looks like an awesome place!! And a great way to end the summer! Back to reality now, huh?

Kristen said...

what a fun end of summer get away! it looks absolutely beautiful there... i love the falls, the beach, the sunshine.. love it all. i want to come next time :o)

Cathi Hamen said...

GREAT PICS SHAN!!! soo fun to see the other theules ... glad you all had fun.. except one set of friends were NOT there! hmm! jk!

i think our "camera" trip is in need now that you got it.. think jeff will let us go?????

CLR said...

Wow that looked so fun!!!! Hope life is going great!!!

Talk to you soon!!!

Love ya,