Tuesday, January 6, 2009

~1st Annual Cheney Olympics~

We had our first official marathon family day! We vowed to be together as a family ALL day on the day after Christmas (this was actually part of our gift to our parents.) Each sibling took a portion of the day and planned events. Warning: you will get tired just reading this!
The day started with all the grandkids making breakfast:
They did a great job - only slight chaos

You have to start any Olympics with a warm up!

Thanks to Daveed for leading stretches:

2 teams - family rivalry

The first event was bowling - me against sweet Gracie....

With the help of the wind she got them ALL down!!! Ughh - Beat by a 5 year old!
But look at my form.....

Next was a shoot off between Benny and DJ.

Then it was Court against Mandy on the balance beam....

bye bye

A jump off between Ash and Tay-Tay

Then a friendly game of Frisbee golf with Sean and David

I think this was the best event (cuz I didn't have to do it)

Digging for cherry's....
Heath & Jordan - what great sports!

Lily did great (with a little bit of help from Ben)
in a puzzle-off with Mandy

Amber & Tracy finding safety pins in rice - harder then it looks!

Grandpa and Grandma battle their memories in a family trivia game!

Gotta love Pictionary!
(Heath and Linds were the artist)

The next game was a scavenger hunt in the house where we had to find an object for every letter of CHENEY - and we have no pictures of this because I was the scavenger!
This brought us to a tie between team 1 and team 2 (can anyone remember the team names? help me out here)
so we had a little impromptu tie-breaker race.

And YaY!!!! My team won :}

After some relaxing and play time..........

The day was only HALF done

We did some bumper bowling

And by then we were famished - so we hit the nearest pizza parler!

And to end the night we had a quiet, cuddly family movie night
While it was a very long day - it was probably one of the most fun things we've ever done as a family! We are a big, crazy, chaotic, loving, funny, creative & lucky family.


Naomi said...

looks like so much fun!

Monique said...

Wow! That's great. You gave me some great ideas for our next family reunion... we just had one over Xmas with about 75+ people!

lindsey said...

you forgot that the losers had to make our lunch!

team names: team shaniqua and team chinese mamba (i think). how did we get these names?!

such fun times! it was awesome having everyone participate and have the whole day together. can't wait for next year!

miss you.

Joyful Weddings and Events said...

It was so.much.fun!

PS- team shanique cheated.

CLR said...

Wow looks like lots of fun!!! My favorite picture is the movie night. What a way to end an awesome holiday!!

Love ya,

Cathi Hamen said...

omg craziness! one team was named after the mouse!!????

Jen S said...

Unbelievable. You definitely get the prize for "most fun family." Happy New Year!