Sunday, September 9, 2007

Back To School

Mandy and Neena (our neighbor and one of Mandy's BFF) are off to 4th grade...........

Strike a pose.....

10th grade now!!!!!!

Classic First Day of School Photos

They are back to school. We made it through the first two days! The girls were actually all excited to get back to school but I was a little sad....... :(............. I'm one of those mom's who enjoys the summer with their kids and miss them when they leave in the fall. But the good news is that they all like their classes and had fun on the first two days. The twins could use some prayer as they have seven periods and leave for school at 6:30!

Grandpa came to see Mandy off.....

Is it just me or is she getting tall??? Pretty soon I'm going to be the shortest one in the house!

I think I could use some prayer also as I try to juggle our crazy fall schedule by myself. God is faithful and good and has given me lots of people who have offered to help so I need to lower my pride some and accept that help - eek.

Happy Fall ya'll


Kate said...

Wow! The girls are so big! I can't believe Amanda is in 4th grade!

Are the twins driving yet?

Love You!
Miss You!


Cathi Hamen said...

Naaah just stand up whe nyou are next to her! hahaha
so cute! What beautiful girls you (we) have!

Rachel Shoemaker said...

I love that picture of Mandy! soo cute! I wish I could strike a pose like that! :)

Joyful Weddings & Events said...

When you are feeling short, just remember that I'm shorter and mandy is definitely inching up on me. So, at least I'll be the first she passes up.
They all look so cute! Mandy showed me the outfit she picked out the night before and she was so excited about it.
I had a 7:00 first period my freshmand year... it only lasted about a month- I got kicked out. When I was tehre, if you were late more than 3 times they kick you out. Good luck with that! :)

I love you and am excited for fall. I'm here to help whenever you need it. :)