Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Good Friends, Good Food, Good Wine.............

How could that not be a good time!?
Steph the Chef.......

My friend Stephanie from high school is amazing! She is a caterer and a Chef at the Montage Hotel. She kept telling us about all the fun and amazing things she gets to do as a chef (like cater to big name stars!) so we told her that it was about time that she showed us the money!!!! We came up with this great idea - she would teach us how to make things we not only have never made before but never heard of before!!!

Kelly's cookin! (She is actually a good cook already - I'm more into the eating part)
Presentation is half the battle.....................
Then we got to sit and enjoy the fruits of our labor (well mostly their labor as I was at soccer games and came just in time to eat! - but they did make me do the desert and it was yummy I must say, even though I feel like all I did was stir!)

It was a special time. The food was incredible, but the company even more so! I told my friends that I know why I chose them as friends in high school, we laughed and laughed, and ate and ate, and listened to good music - pretty much what we did in school!
I'm not a huge wine drinker (wine coolers in high school - does that count?) But there was some good wine flowing that night and I'm learning to appreciate it! Stephanie has turned one of the bedrooms in her house into a wine cellar! It is amazing - over 800 bottles of wine! The pictures don't do it justice - my flash made it look bright but it is actually dark with just a few purple strands of grape vine lights - and it's own air condition unit so it is so nice and cool - loved it. Then my battery ran out and I didn't get a picture of the wall with all the wine on it - bummer.

Fun and Yum - my perfect night :}

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Cathi Hamen said...

very cool pics!! looks like fun... did you see our wine cellar? its in our spare room too..... haaaahaaaaaaa
i am sooo funny!