Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Courtney's belly

Court's Baby Shower:

My baby sister is having a baby!! So strange yet amazing! It is such a blessing and a miracle that I cry almost every time I think of baby Isaiah John Toney. She was told that because of her intense cancer treatment she was probably sterile and could not conceive. He is due to come into this world almost 9 months to the day that my John left this world. This is proof that God decides when to give life and when to take back life. It's all such a mystery, a beautiful mystery. This sweet little life is symbolic in so many ways and I can't wait to meet him. Thank you God for your plan of life.


Kate said...

Wow! Courtney looks amazing! I am so happy for her and David!

Love you all


Joyful Weddings & Events said...

I love you shanny! Thanks for all of your planning- it was a wonderful day and I felt so much love toward me & isaiah.
God is truly incredible. As the song says, "he gives and takes away. My heart will choose to say, Lord blessed be your name". What a true statement for our family. Can you believe we sang that at our wedding, at John's burial and now I sing it praising God for Isaiah. I love you & am so thankful to be able to go through life with you. You are going to be the best auntie to Isaiah John!

chrissie said...

You three sisters are so beautiful and the shower is darling.

I love the symbolism of life and death and the Lord giving and taking away.

Sometimes I am so afraid of what I could lose. And I ask myself if I really trust that God is good. Of course He is, but sometimes my faith is so weak.

Thank you for your true, encouraging words.

Jill Duarte said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures! What an amazing journey Courtney has been on. She looks great! Can't wait to see her little guy.

You three sisters are the cutest! Makes me wish I had a sister. I'm praying my 3 girls have the same love for each other as you girls when they are older.

I love the shower decor! Colors are great. I'm definitely using the idea for dressing up the bottled water.

I love what you said about God choosing to give life and take life back. I was just thinking about John the other day (perhaps it was at the church picnic)...missing his larger than life personality.

I too struggle so much to believe that God's plan for me is good. It is so easy for me to feel completely absent from Him when I experience hardship in my life. My faith is often so week during these times.

Thanks Shannon for being an encouragement even when you're not trying to be!

Cathi Hamen said...

it was a great celebration day!! We all love Courtney!
I am so blessed to be a part tof your sisterhood!