Saturday, July 5, 2008

red, white & blue

We had a very relaxing 4th of July this year.

We did have one little outing to the Mission Viejo Street Fair. But it was hotter than you know where, so we pretty much got our dippin dots and came home back to the pool!

We played a wild game of "FAMILY FEUD" (and the Keller's joined us)

We watched fireworks at the Lake. We actually sat very close to where they were shooting them off so it was very cool to be right underneath them!

I love where I live and I don't just mean Mission Viejo, we are so lucky to live in this country. And I'm feeling very indebted to the men who are serving to keep our country like it is. And I'm feeling the need to do something for them or their families - any ideas?????

I hope you all enjoyed your 4th with your loved ones :)


Kristen said...

looks like a very fun day!

Nyla said...

Hey Shannon. My cousin (Blake)is in the military, so I emailed his wife and asked what we could do to help out. I emailed you her response. Hope that is helpful!