Tuesday, April 22, 2008

~short and fun~

(kinda like me)
A) Three places I go all the time: Trader Joes, Dry Cleaners, My Bed (exciting life I lead)
B) Three people who e-mail me (regularly): Cathi, Teresa, Eve
C) Three of my favorite places to eat: Mustard Café (my new favorite!), Taco Tuesday (anywhere those taco's are a buck!), Cherry On Top
D) Three Places I would rather be right now: Burke Williams (any day), Hawaii (on the beach sipping a strawberry colada - ahhhh), Montana (riding horses into the sunset).
E) Three People I think will respond: Lindsey, Chrissie, Kristen (Cheney) - ha, now you have to do it :}
F) Three TV shows I could watch over and over: Friends, Seinfeld, Amazing Race
(are you happy Cath - I finally did one of your surveys!??) XOXO
Tag - your it


Kristen said...

This is fun! I will definitely do it this week.

I love watching Friends - I don't ever get tired of those episodes.

Cathi Hamen said...

that's funny cuz when i did it on email.. i felt funny not blogging it for all to see!

Heather said...

so do I need to post this on my blog or ????Not sure how this works, but I like it!Love ya! Heath