Sunday, April 13, 2008

Your Hired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My little Amber started her first official job today!
(ok she's not so little anymore)

She's a server at a little restaurant called

"Mustard Cafe"

It's kind of like Corner Bakery but on a smaller scale. She loved it.

It's a little bitter sweet for me. I've been holding off letting them get jobs because with school, sports, church, friends, boyfriends, family and of course MOM time, there wasn't' much time left in the week. I also wanted them to concentrate on their school work. But I knew it was time - and if they wanted a summer job they had to beat the college kids to the good jobs :} Ashley is next - I'm praying she gets the right job for her - hum.

So one more lesson in letting go................

Ahhh Lord be with me - ohhh I mean her, I mean us...................

I'm proud of you Amber - you set you mind to something and just went for it - way to go!!!!! I love you.


Kristen said...

Yeah Amber! The Mustard Cafe looks YUMMY! I hope it goes well.

Good luck to Ashley on finding a job.

Oh, not looking forward to the letting go - the little things are hard enough now - good lessons for the big things later on :o)

Cathi Hamen said...

Amber you are sooo pretty! I am soo proud of you too! We all are! Shan do you think she will be embarrassed when we hang out there this summer? hahahahehee