Thursday, June 5, 2008

distant cousins..............

On Tuesday night we went down to San Diego to see my Dad's cousin's son, wife & kids (did you get that?) I first met Lance and Kristen in Montana a couple of years ago at a "Cheney Family Reunion" (one of the best trips we ever took) and just this last year got reconnected with Kristen through the blogging world! Sooo cool - this blogging thing! They are such great people and we had a really fun dinner at Pat and Oscars (yummy bread sticks). They were out here because she ran the big marathon in San Diego - you go girl!

It's a cousin sandwich :)

The Momma's (Me, Courtney, & Kristen)

A whole bunch of Cheney's!

Mandy & Morgan = new buddies

It's a blessing to have family all over the country and to feel so connected with them! It was great to see you guys - I feel an Idaho trip coming on :}


Joyful Weddings & Events said...

so fun! I definitely think that Lance fits in with us- we all look like cheneys!

nevermind that you can see my bra through my shirt... why didn't anyone tell me?

Cathi Hamen said...

Courtney u made me look back.. it was probably just the camera flash!

Cute pics Shan!! looks like fun! so where in Idaho are they?

Shan said...

Courtney - I didn't notice your bra that night cuz' sista' I woulda told ya!

Kristen - you wanna answer Cathi?

Nyla said...

looks like a great time. I love connecting with family via blog! My cousin is stationed in Japan...and I wouldn't know her at all if it was for our blogs! :) Love it!

Kristen said...

it was so so fun! thanks for taking time to come and see us.

we can't wait for you to come and visit us in Idaho!!! you are welcome anytime!

courtney - i didn't notice your bra through your shirt. you cheney's all resemble each other. actually lance thinks sean looks like his dad.

cathi - we live west of boise about 15 miles in a town called nampa.

Jerome & Crysti said...

You all are a busy lot! Running here and there...always smiling with family and friends. I hope when my family gets bigger (ie: siblings marry and babies get born) we can do half as many family activities as you guys do :-)