Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Honk Honk...............

This Birthday just keeps getting better and better.....................

And they thought the ipod and straightener were the big presents!

But who gets to drive it first???
The one who gets there first (alive)

(guess who won)

Thanks for the Taco Salad Fiesta Cathi - YUMMY!

Jeff & his partner's were gracious enough to donate the truck -
THANK YOU Utility Specialist!!
I cannot believe how much we have been blessed.
God has been so faithful in providing for us!
We not only have a God who is soooo giving and good,
but friends who are so giving and so good!
It's unbelievable. It's amazing. It's humbling.
I'm overwhelmed once again..........


Cathi Hamen said...

Yeah! Asho is still beaming she loves driving her Truck!!!
You did good pimping the ride!!
Congrats again!

CLR said...

Wow!!! I am VERY happy for all of you!!! I am so happy that all of you have been so blessed!!! Of course, it reminds me of something John would do. Thank you, God, for the Hamens taking care of the Rojas-Lakin Family!!!!

Nyla said...

Awesome Shan! How sweet and loving of the Hamen family! It is nice to be blessed with such sweet friends! Now the girls can drive on their own for babysitting???? :)

Jill Duarte said...

What a birthday PRESENT!!!! Totally sweet of the Hamen's! The truck is just perfect for the girls.

Kristen said...

WOHOO girls! What a fun birthday! What a blessing to have such loving and giving friends. I am sure the girls won't forget this birthday!

Chrissie said...

Yay for a new truck! Praise God for amazing friends who bless us so much.
And I agree, totally something John would have done!

Kristi said...

Hope the girls had an AWESOME bday and the truck, wow that is cool! How did you frame and comment over all those pics - I LUV that!!!!!

Kristi said...

Um - hi- Shan that last post was written by Cath Bratton. Sorry I had created a blog for her and forgot i was still signed in as her - and I still am -

Luv you -

Cat Brat

Jen Schmidt said...

Wow! What an incredible surprise! They were OBVIOUSLY thrilled!! I'll keep an eye out for that truck! :)