Tuesday, June 24, 2008

.............strike a pose...............

What do you do with four pretty teenagers and an empty
Fashion Island?

You do a silly photo shoot of course!!

Thank you to my lovely assistant!

I felt like I was in my college photography class again! Did anyone else go to fun places to do photo assignments?

We had a blast going to dinner then walking around - and it really was empty - I guess Monday is the best night to go shopping!

I'm so glad summer is here :)


Nyla said...

I love it! I wish my mom would have been as fun as you are with your girls! The pictures are great!

Kristen said...

Those pictures are awesome! How fun! You are such a cool mom - I only hope I can have an ounce of that coolness when Morgan is a teenager!

Jerome & Crysti said...

That is awesome! I don't think I've ever been there to shop...but what a great place for photos. So glamorous and awesome. Like a celebrity who gets the place cleared out so they can be famous alone ;-)
PS - you must have a nice camera, or a great steady hand...they're all so sharp and crisp!

CLR said...

Awesome pictures!!! Awesome models!!! Looks like lots of fun!!!

You're so creative!!!!

Love ya,

Joyful Weddings & Events said...

so funny! that first escalator shot is classy :)